Wk 5 – Activity – Counterfactual

So for the activity this week we had to dress up in something out of the ordinary and go somewhere that has a good amount of people.


This is me in clothing that I normally wear. I’m all about being comfy.


This is me after I changed into something I ordinarily don’t wear. I chose to just go to the main entrance of my apartment complex because there’s a good amount of people who walk by. When I asked some people what they thought my name was I got answers like Matt and David. which I thought was weird because two of my best friends are named Matt and David. Business was the main answer when I would ask people what they thought my major was.  I got a couple engineering guesses and one communications.  I noticed that people did pay more attention to me when i was just walking down the street. Clothes choice really makes a difference for your surroundings, I’m starting to realize. Fun activity.


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