Wk 6 – Activity – Drawing

The activity for this week involved using everyone’s cell phone. We were to download this app called “French Girls” and draw different peoples’ selfies. It was very interesting. You can choose the selfie that you want to draw while you wait for someone to draw the selfie that you took of yourself. It amazes me how people think of this stuff and create an app for it. Here is the selfie of me that I posted on the app with the drawing that someone drew:


I can’t really hate because mine isn’t much better. Here is the drawing that I drew of someone:


Honestly, this app is really hard to draw on without like some sort of tool or something. I am proud of my drawing. Here’s another one I put up on the app of my friend Juan:


I have to say, this app can be fun and funny. I enjoyed doing this weeks activity about drawing.


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