Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Isiah Ulloa

I got to talk to and interview Isiah Ulloa at the art galleries this week. Out of all the galleries that were there this Thursday, I liked the one that Isiah was sitting outside of. Therefore, I decided to interview him for my post this week. Here’s an art piece that was in the gallery:


I definitely thought that what was on the floor was snow. It looked like snow and it felt really cold in the room. Isiah told me that it was in fact not snow and was foam that he and two others used to make the art piece. He said that no temperature changes were made to the room. Must have just been good air conditioning. In the middle of the foam is the shape of a person cradled on the floor. Isiah said that they used a machine that cut it for them, which I thought was cool. The other two artists that helped make the art pieces are Juan Martin and Angel G. Franco. Here is another piece that was in the gallery that all three of them worked on:


This one looked super cool to me. It just looks like a tight animal. I give major props to Isiah, Juan, and Angel. I enjoyed looking at their creations this week at the galleries.


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