Wk 7 – Activity – Painting

For this weeks activity, we all had to decide whether or not we wanted to make the trip to Venice Beach and spray paint our name on the walls there. For the people who decide not to make the trip, like me, it is acceptable to just spray paint your name on cardboard or something and do it somewhere legal. Here is my name that I spray painted:


I got pieces of cardboard and taped them together so that I would have a long strip of cardboard that would fit my name. I kinda messed up because the N is so close to the end. White, light blue, and dark blue were the colors I chose for this activity. The white was used as the background color. Spray painting it was really cool. I love how easy it feels to paint something, and to do it so quick. I liked my final result it looks cool to me. Fun activity this week.


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