Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Myra Flores


At the art galleries this week, I enjoyed the artwork seen in the picture above the most. The sculpture art piece was made by an artist named yea Flores. I seem to always be choosing the artwork  that doesn’t have the artist at the gallery because I  couldn’t find Myra outside. However, she did leave a little note next to the sculpture that gave a little background information. I found out that it is made out of clay and iridescent acrylic. The note also said that the piece was “intended to be humorous and its subject matter is based on a comparison of the way women are objectified, idealized, and fetishized, much like the way Playboy magazine largely depicts women, to the way in which male actors like Ryan Gosling are subjected to a similar form of idolization and fetishization.” I wish I got the opportunity to talk to Myra and learn more about her work, but I did like viewing her piece at the gallery this Thursday.


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