Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Scott Burns

IMG_4986  IMG_4987

On Thursday of week 4, I got to view the work of Scott Burns. On the wall by the art pieces shown above, he wrote this down:

“I don’t want to get into a long drawn-out thing about my work and the way that I talk and write about it. I think it’s easier for people to simply experience it rather than reading what I have to say about it. I am exploring the figure and what I can do with clay and glaze. I want to make art that feeds my physiological need to make art.”

This little quote gives you an insight to what kind of person as well as artist that Scott is.  When I look at his artwork, I get a little creeped out. Mainly because they remind me of those affected zombie things in the movie “I Am Legend”. I really wonder what kinds of emotions Scott was trying to portray when he made these clay and glaze figures. I really enjoyed getting to view Scott Burns art.


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